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Sunday World Commercial: Deep, Corporate

Mix of Impressions & Character Voice overs

German Language: Dramatic, Narrative, Corporate

Style: Deep, Menacing

Style: British Sports Commentators, Irish Endline

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With a Voice Ranging from Deep, Corporate, Sexy, Soft Sell to Bright Hard Sell, Character voices and Impressions, Jonathan Ryan is one of Ireland's most experienced and Versatile Voice Over Artists

Jonathan can change his style to do virtually ANY type of voice. He is a versatile Impressionist and has a special talent for International and Regional Accents - particularly Irish, British, American and European - and the creation of diverse Character Voices from just about anywhere in the World!

He has recorded voiceovers for countless Radio and Television commercials in English, Irish, French and German over the past thirty years, and has won national and international recognition for his work.

Jonathan records voice overs for advertising agencies, production companies, animators, copywriters, recording studios and online media clients.

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Stage & Screen

Jonathan's extensive stage and screen career spans more than 30 years. His most recent roles were as Sinn Fein leader, Gerry Adams in the award-winning TV movie 'Omagh', Paul Sheldon in the stage version of Stephen King's Misery, the avuncular French Ambassador in The Tudors ... and the manipulative Bill Taylor in Fair City

Jonathan as Bill Taylor in Fair City Jonathan as The French Ambassador in The Tudors Jonathan as Gerry Adams in Fair City Jonathan as Paul Shelden in Misery

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